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Any plans to fix keybinds before/with release?

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There are so many hard coded keybinds, many of which are falsely advertised as being changeable, that as a US-ESDF player it's just plain miserable.  My sympathies for AZERTY crowd.

I tried removing/remapping the building rotation keys and it just flat out doesn't work.

File: GameUserSettings.ini


And yet while in game building objects still rotate when these keys are used.  Google search has shown that this has been an issue for 2+ years.

Soooo..... is this getting fixed???

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I totally second that. I move with "esdf" keys on an azerty keyboard, and whatever I config my buildings always rotate when I move with them in construction mode. It get really dizzy when I go long distance with a pallet.

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I would like to add my vote for this.  PLEASE expose the hard-coded binds.  The space bar and ESC key for instance.  MANY games now allow right-click as a means to cancel or close actions and windows.  This is becoming a standard.

Why are some of the keys hard-coded in the first place?

I use the number keypad for gaming, no WASD for me.  Like MANY left-handed (mouse in left hand) players we feel game companies are deliberately discriminating against left-handed people in games, the hard-coded keys are about a foot away from my preferred keys, WHY?

Grounded hard-binds_needs to stop.PNG

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