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Anyone have experience with this build? I've seen people post about sage builds but rarely with these subclasses.

Stats seem pretty straight forward, high res/per/con and low might/dex/int.

Playing as a wood elf because I don't want to play as an orlan or nature godlike, athletics/intimidate skills.

Any tips for this? Spell combos? Equipment?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm currently playing a blood mage/ forbidden fist, and it is a lot of fun. Wizards have great disabling spells and DoT spells that you can prolong with the FF attack's enfeeblement. I am playing a pale elf with 10 STR, 15 CON, 14 DEX, 18 PER, 15 INT and 18 RES, with Berath's Blessings. The nice thing about this build is that you can take a lot of the great monk abilities since as a wizard you can rely on grimoires and/or the grimoire imprint spell trick for your casting, and thus don't need to select spells when leveling up as a wizard, except lvl 1 when you are forced to do so. Since fists and summoned wizard spells are so great (Concelhaut's Draining Touch and the Citzal's Lance) you don't really need to worry about weapons, although ultimately you may want Magran's Favor or the Seeker's Fang for your main hand. But I strongly recommend Tuotilo's Palm for the offhand for extra defense. With it, weapon & shield style, Arcane Veil and Mirrored Image you can get insanely high DEF very early in the game. Clarity of Agony is essential, and I recommend as well the monk passives like soul mirror and crucible of suffering, which will proc a lot due to your high DEF and very short FF curse durations, respectively. Enduring Dance is worth it as well as you won't be hit enough to break it very often. Touch spells, like Kalkoth's Sunless Grasp and Jolting Touch are also thematically fun. The former does a nice debuff which you can extend with the FF attack and the latter has many jumps once your PL is high, and can wipe out small mobs as a result.

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I guess one of the main reasons why people don't mix Bloodmage with Forbidden Fist too much is that vanilla, Helwalker or Nalpasca Monks would gain wounds from Blood Sacrifice (which is a nice synergy) while Forbidden Fist (and Shattered Pillar) do not. 

Besides that it should work well - as most Sages do. :)

Enfeebled + any afflictions should be a nice combo. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I think blood mage/nalpasca is probably the best combination from the perspective of game synergy. But I am currently playing FF instead because I just love the FF ability. It's amazing for any build that features debuffs and DoT attacks. Also, with high RES, Clarity of Agony and Enduring Dance, the FF sage will accrue wounds rapidly. And if you use the Grimoire Imprint trick, you also won't need to use blood sacrifice very often.

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