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Public Test Patch Notes for Update 0.14.0

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The Home Stretch (0.14)

This update will be notably lighter than previous ones as we have been putting most of our focus on 1.0 work and polish, which will be our biggest content release to date. The Home Stretch (0.14) is the final major update for Game Preview before our 1.0 Release in September. 

New Features

Convert Non-Custom Games to Custom

You can now convert any non-custom game into a custom game at any time while playing to be able to tune values on any game as you go.

Gnat Pet

You can now tame and own a bumbling little gnat pet. Pets are also more helpful and less squishy as outlined in tuning changes further below.

Rest Time-lapse

Upon resting, you will see a quick time-lapse of the yard as the 8 hours pass. 

BURG.L Moves!

BURG.L has acquired enough chips to remember he can roll his treads to inspect the Oak lab and fulfill his assistant duties.

New Features: Windows Store Builds

Import Save

The "Save Game" interface now allows importing Steam saves into the Windows Store version of the game.

New Crafting Content

Rotten Meat Slurry: For taming Gnats.


  • Meals are now crafted at the new Cookery building instead of the Oven.
  • Meals can be created much earlier in the game now.
  • Unlocked by purchasing the "Cooking 101" Science Shop unlock which is one of the default unlocks you can purchase once unlocking the ASL station.

Changes / Tuning

Armor and Weapon Upgrade Changes

  • Quartzite, Leather Scraps and Leather Plates has been removed from the game.
  • Upgrades now require a unique, non-respawning, resource found across the yard
    • Armor upgrades require "Fashion Nuggets"
      • Levels +1 through +5 require "Fashion Nuggets"
      • Levels +6 and +7 require "Cool Fashion Nuggets"
      • Levels +8 and +9 require "Rad Fashion Nuggets"
    • Weapon upgrades require "Tough Nuggets"
      • Levels +1 through +5 requires "Tough Nuggets"
      • Levels +6 and +7 require Globs similar to before, but are crafted out of "Cool Tough Nuggets"
      • Levels +8 and +9 require Jewels similar to before, but are crafted out of "Rad Tough Nuggets"
  • Cost of upgrades has been dramatically reduced
    • Levels +1 through +5 
      • Weapons start at 2 and increase linearly: 2 → 4 → 6 → 8 → 10
      • Armors start at 1 and increase linearly: 1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 5
    • Levels +6 and +7
      • Weapons start at 5: 5 → 10
      • Armor starts at 2: 2 → 4
    • Levels +8 and +9
      • Weapons start at 5: 5 → 10
      • Armor starts at 2: 2 → 4
  • Tough Nuggets can be found by harvesting Stones of Toughness. Fashion Nuggets can be found by harvesting Rocks of Fashion.
  • Fashion and Tough Nuggets can also be found in lab chests.
  • At certain points in the game you'll unlock crafting recipes to create Fashion and Tough Nuggets, transitioning the resources from finite to infinite. 
    • Note: Rad Nuggets will not be able to be crafted until 1.0.

Factional Reactivity / MIX.Rs / Waft Emitter

  • The amount of destruction that can be done to larger bases has been lowered.
  • Each faction now has a different reputation value requirement before it becomes upset at the player.
  • Players will no longer be attacked by lots of larger creatures at the same time.
  • Larva have been added to Factional Reactivity and the Waft Emitter.
  • Buildings destroyed by defense event creatures now drop a small amount of the resources it took to build it.
  • Base attack difficulty will slowly ramp up over the course of a playthrough instead of being able to instantly go from easy to extremely hard over a short period of time.
  • Base attacks will can no longer trigger while in a lab or underground.
  • The Waft Emitter will no longer work in the Haze while the haze is still active.
  • Improved creature spawning locations for base attacks.
  • An Auto-Save will attempt to trigger right before a Payback attack or MIX.R event trigger.


  • You no longer will be occasionally launched sideways after hitting your head while jumping.


  • Updated and improved a handful of run/walk/attack third person animations.


  • Assistant Manager boss has new music.
  • Volume and distance attenuations of creature sounds adjusted to better inform the player about what's nearby.
  • Unique ambient sounds added to help diversify soundscape.
  • Improvements to overall mix and clarity.


  • Crow feather arrows awarded per craft increased from 2 to 5.
  • Glue Factory name changed to Glue Masher.
  • Glue Masher has updated art.


  • Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean now use correct fonts for those languages.


  • Various tweaks and improvements to the Read To Me feature have been made throughout the UI.
  • When navigating dropdown menu options, the index of the selected option will be narrated.


  • Final encounter in the Haze lab has been tuned:
    • Default number of enemies reduced.
    • Additional enemies are added based on difficulty level.
    • Additional/harder enemies are added based on player count.
  • Bows now do bonus damage when fully charging a shot as opposed to snapshotting.
  • Spicy Coaltana can now trigger Burr Traps when thrown.


  • Pets will no longer leave the player when they are unhappy.
    • Pet happiness governs various other things, but will never cause your pet to leave anymore.
  • Pet equipment now gives pets substantial defensive upgrades
    • +200% bonus max HP
    • Bonus DT based on tier of equipment
    • Bonus DR based on tier of equipment
  • Passive buffs given for having an active pet have been tuned.
  • Pet inventory can now be opened directly from the player inventory screen via a new "Pet" button.
  • Weevil pet gravestone has new art.


  • The "Save Game" interface will only show saves from the current playthrough instead of all of your saves.
  • Data page on the SCA.B has been improved
    • Items are now recategorized to better fit the story
    • Some audio logs and notes are now dated
    • Items are now sorted and it's easier to spot logs and items that are missing
  • The password being typed while joining a multiplayer game is now hidden.
  • Custom Game Settings (and thus the Game Difficulty setting) can be accessed from the Death screen.
  • BURG.L quests can be acquired by double-clicking them.
  • A button to view the Survival Guide has been added to the Death screen.
  • The "Build a Lean-to" survival quest now displays the Building Radial control next to it.

Building General

  • Dead players will no longer bounce indefinitely on vertical bounce webs until they respawn.

Building Placement

  • Floors now support cells and walls underneath themselves.
  • Floors require only 2 points of contact with the ground rather than 3.
  • Sap Catchers can no longer be attached to Turrets.


  • Save game sizes have been reduced.
  • Reduced memory usage.


  • House patio wood panels have been cleaned up and holes have been patched. 
  • Cookie Sandwiches now follow the new "big food" structure introduced on hotdogs and apples in 0.13.


  • Hostile bugs tether more appropriately, including those pesky mosquitos.
  • Scarab HP has been halved.
  • Scarab peripheral vision cone has been reduced (it's easier to sneak up on them).
  • Added new BURG.L quests for killing the following bugs: Black Ants, Antlions, Black Ox Beetles, Ladybirds, Dust Mites, Rolypolys, Termites, Tadpoles, Water Boatmen, Water Fleas, and Diving Bell Spiders.  
  • Ladybird Larva now drop up to 5 spikes each


  • Improved player shadows while playing in first person view. 

Bug Fixes

Major Fixes

  • Clients can now correctly use ladders that were previously broken when built in some areas.
  • The player cannot unbind critical controls such as "UI - Select" by binding the key to a conflicting control.
  • Multiplayer games that have been active for longer than 90 minutes no longer stop showing up in the Game Finder window or prevent players from joining via invites.
  • Fixed issue with users having trouble hosting or joining multiplayer games after having the game open for long periods of time.
  • The Crow Crossbow no longer occasionally misfires.

Other Fixes

  • Sleeping creatures will no longer attack nearby players immediately after loading a save.
  • The player will now be able to crouch after entering a turret from a ladder.
  • Furniture will no longer collapse when replacing the floor it's built on.
  • Palisade Curved Gates can no longer have structures placed clipping into the tops of them.
  • Flying creatures will no longer become stuck when trying to land while over water.
  • Resource Surveyor will no longer detect rotten foods as sources of fresh food.
  • The player can no longer pick up items through floors.
  • Floors can no longer be built through diagonal walls.
  • Accepting a BURG.L quest will now show one notification instead of two.
  • The player can no longer attach grid buildings to the moving parts of palisade gates.
  • Saved game "Time Saved" will now be displayed correctly when saves are shared across time zones.
  • Chipsleuth quests will no longer complete if the game is loaded after collecting the chip and before turning it in.
  • Droplets do not merge unless they are the same type of liquid.
  • The hauling UI will display correctly after loading a game where the player was hauling.
  • The Defrag tooltip is now translated.
  • Items that fall through the world will now be destroyed, or returned to play if critical.
  • The Rest button will properly activate if the Rest cooldown expires while you have the Rest UI open.
  • Buildings cannot be built on big food harvest nodes.
  • Wall-mounted buildings cannot be built on swinging doors.
  • Cacti should behave more consistently and cause less instant deaths.
  • Mom Genes can no longer trigger underwater.
  • Cookie Sandwich Bits will no longer spawn under the ground when breaking cookies.

Bug Fixes - Xbox / Windows Store Builds

  • Renaming a save game or playthrough will properly update the names such that they will stay renamed after restarting the game.
  • Resuming the game from being Suspended will bring you back to the Main Menu if you were in a Multiplayer game when you went into Suspend mode.

Bug Fixes - Steam Builds

  • Fixed issue where playing another game that requires Xbox Live login while logged into Grounded would cause sign in issues.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when signing out of your Xbox Live account in Grounded.
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0.14.0 Public Test - 3805 to 3811 Changes

  • Stones of Toughness and Rocks of Fashion now show damaged states when you are busting them with a hammer.
  • Fixed Payback base attacks sometimes not triggering.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when viewing the Accessibility tab in German.
  • Pets can no longer drown.
  • Lowering cook times a bit in the Cookery.
  • Icons updated for Pet Tombstones, Glue Masher, and Cookery.
  • Untamed Gnats no longer can carry stacks of Grub items while flying around.
  • Clients can now crouch after exiting a turret they entered while on a ladder.
  • Cookery now cooks all items at the same time and cooks faster.
  • You can now exit Turrets using the Interact button (E on Keyboard default, X on Controller default).
  • Pet Gnats will actually stay at the Pet House when deposited instead of continuing to follow the player.
  • Broodmother boss music removed from the final Haze lab encounter.
  • Smithing Station UI properly updates after upgrading a weapon or armor.
  • Apple core chunk locations are properly synced on clients.
  • Upgrade Nuggets added in the bird bath.
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Patch 0.14.0 Public Test - 3811 to 3813 Changes

  • All Fashion and Tough Nugget crafting recipes require 1 Sap and 1 bug part.
  • Cookery UI updated to mention cooking meals instead of baking.
  • Defrag and Pet Inventory buttons in the Inventory UI have labels.
  • Added more upgrade stones in the Hedge and Haze.
  • BURG.L animation / dialogue fixes.
  • BURG.L will resume asking for help when he is down before meeting him.
  • Pet Inventories count towards "Nearby Storage" when crafting.
  • Crafting Recipe buttons no longer randomly show the "you can craft" checkmark even when you couldn't
  • Clients now get MIX.R activation sounds and UI notifications when another client triggers one.
  • Adding audio to the Rest Time-lapse.
  • Updated icons for upgrade nuggets and rotten meat slurry.
  • Knocked down pupa locations are properly synced on clients.
  • Disable Pet Home equip button when a non-equippable item is selected.
  • Payback attacks can no longer trigger if a boss fight is active.
  • Weevils will hoard less around dropped mushrooms.
  • Attempting to import Steam saves the old way into a Window Store build will no longer cause your game to get stuck on an infinite save conversion screen.
  • Thistles should be easier to pick and require less cursor precision.
  • Fixed some random memory corruption crashes.
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0.14.0 Public Test - 3813 to 3816 Changes

  • Updated art of the Cool Fashion Nugget and Rad Fashion Nugget to not use the same mesh as the regular Fashion Nugget.
  • Firefly legs no longer randomly stretch super long.
  • The Pause Menu can no longer be triggered in between level loads by spamming ESC / Start.
  • Hosts no longer get two notifications when taming a pet.
  • Fixed Mutation icon quality being very low on Xbox One.
  • Lab chest loot added to the Haze and Pond labs.
  • Achievements no longer unlock after loading a custom or a creative mode game.
  • Spider webs spawned by spiders no longer grant negative faction rep when killed.
  • ARC.R shooting has updated audio.
  • Fixed small memory leaks.
  • Relocating an armor dummy and customizing it no longer puts the camera back to the old location.
  • Fixed issue with Xbox and Windows Store builds where you could constantly keep getting a syncing data popping up from the Xbox OS while playing the game.
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0.14.0 Public Test - 3816 to 3824 Changes

-Firefly headlamp no longer randomly flickers.
-Tuned BURG.Ls movement settings a bit.
-Bird no longer shows up in the Rest Time-lapse.
-The "Open Crafting Menu" hotkey has been set back to C for keyboard. "Customize" building hotkey changed from C to G for keyboard.
-Fireflies come down to the yard during the evening again.
-The Import Save button has been added to Steam builds as well.
-"Fashion Nuggets and "Rock of Fashion" have been changed to "Style Nuggets" and "Rock of Style"

Secret Feature Added: Shared Worlds

You can now create a Shared World as well as the Standard Worlds you have been doing since Game Preview launch. Shared Worlds are stored in the cloud and you can share them with any of your friends so they can host that world while you are not online.

-You can own up to three Shared Worlds at any given time.
-You can have 50 worlds shared with you at any given time.
-Any Standard Worlds from before can be converted to a Shared World via the Save / Load menu.
-Any Shared World you own or have been shared with can be copied down as a local Standard World for you to play on your own. 
-Shared Worlds can only be played by hosting it as a Multiplayer game.
-Only one person can host a Shared World at a time (others will be able to join the current player who is hosting).
-Any game progress that happens while anyone is hosting a Shared World will be properly restored regardless of who hosts the world next.

Potential Use Cases:

-Owner of Shared World who is hosting can logout for the day and have someone else who has the world shared with them rehost it while they are offline.
-You can use this system to share copies of save games with friends: Create a Shared copy of an existing world, share it with said friend, have them download a Standard copy of it on their end.
-If you own both a Steam copy and an Xbox / Windows Store copy, you can use this system to have a single Shared world that you can play through across all platforms. 

NOTE: This feature is considered beta and could have issues and could require online shared saves to be reset / lost as bugs are ironed out. If you test this feature out with a save with lots of progress, make sure it is not the only working copy of the world you have on your account. The shared save service could also go offline at any time during this testing phase to account for issues or updates as needed.

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0.14.0 Public Test - 3824 to 3829 Changes

Shared Worlds
-Creating a Shared World copy from a save you have only played offline and then hosting it will properly load your character's data.
-Fixed issue that could occur with new saves or making standard/shared world copies after hosting a Shared World and quitting to main menu.
-The Shared World owner is the only player who can swap a Shared World from a non-custom to custom game from the Custom Game Settings window.
-The number of friends a Shared World has given access to is now shown next to the Owner name in the Save / Load window.

-Fixed crash that could happen randomly with ants looting bugs.
-Helmet textures no longer become corrupted after wearing a Bubble Helmet"

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