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Port Maje Infinite Load Time



I have an NVIDIA 1050 MaxQ graphics card, and every time I go to Port Maje, it doesn’t load; the load time takes forever.

I’ve tested different saves, same thing happens. All saves were going to Port Maje for the first time.

Any thoughts or help debugging this? I really want to get back into Deadfire.


EDIT: I am trying the advice on settings from the NVIDIA card topic. Hopefully this fixes things. Do I need to download the external software for frame rate capping, or can I use the in-game setting?

EDIT2: unfortunately, the fix mentioned in the Issues with NVIDIA graphics cards doesn’t seem to be fixing the issue.

EDIT3: I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, verifying integrity of game files (no issues detected), and verifying integrity of my RAM (no issues detected).


Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can’t progress the game, and it’s very upsetting.


output_log.txt DxDiagforDeadfire.txt

Kalel (DeadfireArchipelago) (ca428d33-1714-420f-8196-08f995c7d446) (LAX-123ABCDEFGHI) (917196893).savegame

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