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Offensive Parry does not have a cone. Only your active attacks do. Other triggered attacks like Riposte, Mob Stance, Barbaric Retaliation etc. do not have a cone afaik.

If you're playing a single class Barbarian and just want to counter-attack everyone to death I'd suggest you treat deflection as a dump stat and make use of Barbaric Retaliation instead.

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Offensive Parry is a single target attack that dazes and has another base damage than the cone attack (but also lower dmg than a standard Great Sword attack).
Riposte does do a cone attack iirc (but impossible to aim), Mob Stance: don't remember, Swift Flurry: no cone, Barbaric Retaliation: cone (I think).

Barbarian + Offensive Parry is a bit anti-synergistic because of Frenzy's -10 deflecion. With a Barb/Wizard this is not a big deal though.
I'm not 100% sure but I think Offensive Parry doesn't trigger Carnage. If it does the damage should be quite low because of the low base dmg of Offensiv Parry.
You can use Nomad's Brigandine and its immunity to disengagement attacks to force enemy misses and produce Offensive Parries from them - regardless your deflection.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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