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5 marginal inclusions Obsidian can add to make the game better

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+1 for a Local or Offline Co-op. 
Meaning: LAN, Dedicated Server, Private, Offline,  Possibly Split Screen.

The Current Co-op/Server setup is very taxing when you have 4 players in the same house all trying to play from a crappy rural Maine woods DSL connection.
Its constant High Ping & rubber banding, followed by disconnects.   Makes for a terrible experience if there are lots of things going on.  

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Local Co-Op  would be lovely. :)

I do wish we could grow things besides mushrooms as I have an obsessions with farming games. While most miniature fruits and vegetables would be quite large compared to our size in game, some of them may be feasible. Thumbelina carrots are golfball sized. Kiwi berries are a bit bigger than a blueberry.  Patty Pan squash is smaller than the apples cores we chop. Cucamelons look like watermelons for a Barbie doll. Asian Watermeal is actually a good size (pin head) and we do have a pond where it could grow. Tomberries are really small tomatoes. 

Personally I wouldn't want a mini-map. I find getting turned around and needing to find a higher vantage point more immersive/enjoyable. Frustrating at times, but it's an aspect I'd miss it if it was gone. An option to display a mini map would work for both gameplay styles.

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