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You could add larger more expensive pet houses for carnivores like wolf spiders and stink bugs to be used as gard dogs for your  base but are difficult tames using bug paste that you get from raid grinders that you can create that have to be used near waft emitters that gives you paste after raids and you need better paste for better bugs wich you can get by fighting bigger bugs so people don't farm ant raids to be unstable 

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I think Red or Black worker ants would be a fun Pet to have.   Right out of Honey I shrunk the Kids.
It could do minor defense/combat with you.  Obviously its not an OP Pet and would still need you to protect it.  
I think some appropriate "Armor" would be for it to have a harness that allows you to have the ant carry grass blades, or weed stems. Basically haul building supplies. Maybe even have a backpack that allows you to use it like a Mule. (Like in Minecraft, Saddlebags)   

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