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Hi I'm making a quirky play through with a scientist and animancy positive chanter (later to meet Pallegina) who is also very curious about Adra and Eothas.  This character is also being designed as a beckoner chanter and I want to experiment with using explosives and arcane consumables.  I think the downside of consumables is the action economy but chanters tend to accumulate phrases slowly anyways.

I managed to pick up Konstanten in the Wild Mare and making him a skald.  So I retrained in the Wild Mare and I was wondering what phrases overlap, from two different chanters, if you have a second chanter also chanting?  I suppose ability inspirations don't stack but what about other types of phrases?  Any exceptions?

I'm not asking if having two chanters is a great tactical decision as I'm only playing with a lite difficulty though scaling encounters up.  That's a good question though too and don't mind a derail as long as not too much a derail.

Thanks, I am really enjoying the lore I hope I get to continue and thanks!

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AFAIK almost none of them stack, and when I say almost, I can't actually name any exceptions. Might be you can "stack" Her Courage Thick as Steel, in the sense that when one absorb is depleted, the next one kicks in.

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I usually have two chanters in most of my parties. While the chants generally don't stack, I have them chant different chants, as there are so many good chants, more than enough for 2-3 chanters in a party. Inspirations also don't stack as you note. If you have two chanters, however, one can cast Each Kill, and the other Set to Their Purpose, giving the whole party the whole set of inspirations, which is nice. Each chanter should also get Their Champion (if MC) or Far from Defeated (if SC) to get Energized, and one should chant Thick Grew Their Tongues to strip away concentration stacks. With it, all of the chants that roll against enemy defenses, like Thick Grew Their Tongues and The Long Night's Drink, will be interrupted every time the chant crits. Chanters are just so useful given the way their chants work. Another nice things about chanters is their unique relationship with Sasha's Singing Scimitar, which allows you to empower and invocation every encounter. Blightwood is also great for chanters due to its +1 phrase per kill enchantment.

If your Beckoners is SC it's definitely worthwhile to invest in arcana and explosives, which gives you other things to do aside from auto attacking while waiting for phrases to accumulate.

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