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Recently played around with dual wield paladin and ended up very impressed by this guy. Played rather nicely, have decent damage output and great starting burst. Somewhat of mix of Monksterlasher with Bleak Walker


Difficulty: PotD


Class: Paladin - Bleak walker


Background: The Living Land - Colonist(sweet brigandine at start with colonist bonus)



  • MIG: 18 +1(Living land)+3(Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer)
  • CON: 16
  • DEX: 15 +1(Godlike) + 3(Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer)
  • PER: 18
  • INT: 5 +1(Godlike) +4(Gwyn band of Union, +2 from Belt gets suppressed)
  • RES: 3



  • Athletic: MAX
  • Survival: 12 +2(Sanguine Plate)


  • Flames of Devotion
  • Zealous Endurance
  • Sword Enemy
  • Lay of Hands
  • Reviving Exhortation
  • Healing Chain
  • Sacred Immolation
  • Abjuration


  • Intense Flame
  • Remember Rakhan Fields
  • Weapon Focus: Ruffian
  • Scion of Flame
  • Spirit of Decay
  • Two weapon Style
  • Vulnerable Attack
  • Apprentice Sneak Attack

For story talent it is mostly irrelevant I'd say. One for consuming souls is nice but I went without it and effigy. Donellies as always best act 2 side


Weapon sets:

  1.  Dual Bittercuts(Durgan-refined, Legendary, Corrosive Lashed)
  2.  Bleak fang stilletto + Azureith's Stiletto.

BONUS: Firebrand

First set is your main tool, while second has really nice on crit effects. In general since FoD has accuracy bonus, you can try to fish for crits with it to unload holded spells then go back to bittercuts. To be fair most of time I used bittercuts exclusively. It is better to fully enhance Bittercut to legendary before you copy it to save on rare resourses and limited durgan. So before you do that, just wield bittecut+saber you like(I used one from Endless Path) or Bittercut+Bleak fang



  • Head: Awesome flaming hairdo!
  • Armor: Sanguine Plate(durgan refined)
  • Hands: Gauntlets of swift action
  • Back: Hiro's Mantle
  • Belt: Belt of Royal Deadfire Canoneer(Mig, flame shield, Firebrand!)
  • Ring I: Gwyn's band of Union
  • Ring II: Orlan's Bramble ring
  • Boots: Shod-in faith/Glanfathan Stalking boots

Quick Slots: I recommend keeping Potions of DAoM and Potions of Flame Shields, else probably up to taste


Main problem of DPS paladins is that class lacks decent damage boosters outside of two FoD. And yeah, FoD is nice but its only two charges. In a game where you rarely fight less then 4 enemies at once! SO I was thinking how to fix that problem and came to this build, which for not perform adequatly(I didn't beat alpine with it though)

Main idea is play on corrosive and flaming sinergy for Bleak walker and bittercuts, which in combination with decent con allows to also get in some Battleforged damage. After that all started falling in place. Paladin is very good at survival so its relatively easy to survive long enough  for battleforged to do it thing and Sacred immolation will ensure you getting to battleforged point even without enemies help

As for equipment - staples for dual wield guys: frenzy holding sanguine plate and healing shod-in-faith. But since paladin is significally more durable then normal dual wielder I myself ended up passing those boots eventually to Spirit lance wielding Aloth, while getting myself +sneak attack damage boots.

Firebrand duration is rather short here so might have been better to give belt to someone else, especially since +2 Int gets suppressed but Shield is useful. Suppose it is possible to have 2 less con and 2 more int and give Gwyn's to someone else





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