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its a bit hard question as companions are rather flexible in this game. Most of them can be built into 2 or more different ways depending on what you need. Might be slightly easier if you tell a bit about your own character or like who do you want

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I just pick one of the builds in the build list and off I go.

I run Eder as lady of pain tank, Grieving Mother as a melee cipher (shattered mind build) who uses Firebrand from the gloves and belt, Kana as a chillfog chanter, 
Durance as the support priest build, Aloth as a focused controller wearing Raiment of Wael's eyes + soulbound scepter +gauntlets of swift action + Lilith's shawl 

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Yes, you are right. It's only auto-leveling companions before you pick them up - sorry. 🥴

I forgot about that limitation since I always wanted to level them manually. But since there is the retraining option you can try things out without too much regret. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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