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Boiling Sap Bucket Wall Defense

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I would love love love the ability to pour boiling pots of sap onto my attackers like a medieval feudal Lord exerting his control over his ant-like citizens. It could attach to the top of the wall over a door or choke point and drop a sticky AoE damage substance onto unsuspecting insects below. 


Also, I've been having problems with broken armor falling off when my always over encumbered lumbering around with zero space in my inventory after it takes maximum damage. Could we have broken armor stay on, yet offer zero protection values?


It's absolutely heartbreaking to get back from adventuring and not realizing your prized cuirass that's took so much grind to make fantastically strong, broke ages ago and you have no idea when it fell off.


Also, please add acorn elevators. It's tough navigating nearly a meter of spiral staircases, thanks. Lol

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