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Hello obsidian, 

First off love the game. Reminds me of the movie " Honey I shrunk the kids" I watched as a child. In the movie they get caught in giant drops of water when the sprinkler gets turned on, which left them scrambling for shelter. I know there is a sprinkler in the game. I think it would be cool for it to get turned on randomly which could send giant drops of water throughout the yard possibly damaging your base. Or rain, same concept just with clouds. Thoughts.

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I love this idea! However, I don't know about rain, cuz it seems a little severe. The sprinkler is a great idea, but being a lore nerd, who has seen far to many GT videos, thinks that if Dr. Wendell Tully, worked in the backyard, he would turn the sprinkler system off. It just seems right. I am a big fan of the idea, but it doesn't fit right now, in my opinion.

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I think animating the physics for rain in this scale would be quite a challenge, and so would be surviving the ballistic effects of them for the characters. Sounds like fun, but I would prefer it to be confined to the sprinkler system rather than becoming a weather phenomena that would destroy houses and kill the character if not finding shelter in time.

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