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Thinking about doing arquebuss wielding ranger+ chanter multiclass. For now is thinking of going Ghost heart + troubadour with chanting of two Sure-handed on brisk restation

For now I see build as this:

Race: Aumaua for might bonus

Class: Wildrhymer: Ranger(Ghost heat)/chanter(troubadour)

Stats: Might 21/Constitution 9/Dexterity 9/Perception 15/Intelect 18/ Resolve 3 prior to Berath

Main Abilities:

Ranger side:  Marked for hunt, Accurate wounding shot, gunner, marksman. Thinking about maybe skipping on companion feats so I can get more from chanter

From chanter side: Sure-handed, two-handed style, bones, wisps, drakes and quick summoning. Also some nice thing like at the sound

Probably something like that, hooe I counted stats correctly

For equipment: devil of carroc breastplate for sure, blightheart for gun(probably ranger bound), rest I don't think I have any specific ideas

For skills probably just max survival

Will this work or I am ignoring something? I know I might be tempted of making Maia geomancer and giving blightheart to her instead(wizard bound) so maybe dragon dawry instead?

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Maia is better as a scout using the Red Hand.

If you want to use Blightheart for your MC I would bind it to chanter instead because the ability of the ranger is pretty meh. However I would use Dragon's Dowry instead because it does better damage and coupled with the Ring of Focused Flame you have free +10acc. (However Maia will still out DPS you by a large margin)

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I did this for my most recent playthrough, though no subclass ranger instead of ghost heart. I used red-hand with frostseeker for pierce immune enemies and Maia's armor since I rarely keep her in party.

I dumped my con, which felt fine. Between red hand and my pet, I could keep enemies from closing in pretty easily. Most fights the only evocation I ever bothered with was energize. I was definitely playing heavily on the ranger side with chanter just being there to help me hit harder, but picking up some other strong summons and such is probably better. I was pretty impressed with the DPS and I'm sure I could have optimized even better.


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I did a Wildrhymer run recently though it may not be what you're expecting.


It was basically an Arcane Archer variant of thelee's Disruptor Theurge build. Basically you use the Energized inspiration in tandem with Web and Pull of Eora imbue abilities to repeatedly interrupt the enemy on top of their innate CC capabilities.


The only active Ranger ability you need to take is the mark, don't even need to upgrade it. Mostly you use it for bosses, everywhere else the imbue abilities are sufficient. Chanter subclass can be either Skald or Troubadour. Stick with the Sure-Handed Ila and Aefyllath chants. Obviously your weapon of choice is Spearcaster and you'll pump Arcana every level-up.


Suggest picking Boar or Bear pet. Don't expect your pet to deal too much damage since they'll mostly just be stuck in Web or Pull of Eora so you may as well make them tankier.

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10 hours ago, Kaylon said:

However I would use Dragon's Dowry instead because it does better damage and coupled with the Ring of Focused Flame you have free +10acc.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that rings.. Wasn't there also a gloves that boost fire damage as well?

10 hours ago, Kaylon said:

However Maia will still out DPS you by a large margin

Since she will listen to my Ila, I'll count part of her dps as my own xD


Did rough take on idea using merc. Result is something like this


Basically mostly passives from ranger to augment bussing chants and summons to fill the field. Not sure what to get as active ability though. Arcane? Maybe get stealth for one giant starting shot in combination with Maia(two arquebuss from invis into one soft target).

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