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9 hours ago, Lonlon said:

So I decided to go for Devoted/Berserker, currently level 12 and I have to admit this is sweet so far. I'm really pleased with the AoE and debuffing capabilities of the build.

For my party composition I went with :
Eder : Swashbuckler Engagement Tank
Xoti : Defensive Support/Healer SC Priest
Aloth : SC Wizard (CC/Nuker)
and Custom Character : Kindwayfarer/Troubadour Offensive Support + also strong Healer.

I definetly think Xoti is the flex spot here, I could replace her with someone else but for now, Triumph of the Crusader and BDD seem too strong and synergise a lot with my build. In most cases, once my main char secures his first kill, he becomes unstopable, and those spells help a lot with that strategy.

For my devoted/berserker, I was wondering what gear I should pick :

Helm : Helm of the Falcon
Neck : Precognition (?) (Also help securing a first kill) (or maybe 
Bone Setter's Torc later..)
Armor : Devil of Caroc (I think it's a no brainer here.. immunity to confusion, more ressources for both classes..)
Ring 1 : Chameleon's Touch (?)
Ring 2 : Voidward or Ring of Greater Regeneration maybe (for now, self damage it's not that big of deal)

Feets : Footprints of Ahu Taka (?) (i'm not sure, maybe it's better for my healers)
Cape : Two Stiched Trolls (?) nothing else comes to my mind
Gloves : Boltcatchers (?) (fit the theme :) )
Belt : No idea here, for now I use Ngati's girdle
Weapon : Lord Darry's Voulge obviously

What do you guys think ?

Also for my KWF/Troubadour, I have no idea what gear I should use. Should she be melee ? For now I use double scepters to keep her safe from my main character, and dual wielding makes the healing from light flames proc twice, which is super strong...
Any suggestions here ?

Thanks again everyone, really enjoy this run so far :) 


For the neck:

  • Bone Setter's Torc - if you feel you need more (self)healing
  • Claim and Refusal - if you're comfortable with your health and want more damage
  • Strand of Favor - helps the duration of your buffs (especially Unbending Trunk later)
  • Charm of Bones - helps with duration/radius


For the feet:

  • Footprints of Ahu Taka - +2dex and more (self)healing is always good
  • Rakhan Field Boots - are always nice (however they could be more useful for Eder for easy backstabs at the begining of the fights)
  • Boots of the Stone - +1dex and resistance to might afflictions
  • Boots of the White - resistance to dex afflictions

For belts:

  • Belt of Magran's Chosen/Sash of Judgment - for more damage
  • The Undying Burden - more health/fortitude are good and the insta heal for emergencies (but not very useful for a no rest run)
  • The Maker's Own Power - +1might/+1 crush AR is always good to have and the death healing works as a safety net (but not very useful for a no rest run)
  • Girdle of Eoten Constitution - more health/fortitude

For rings I would consider Voidward and Ring of Greater Regeneration/Ring of Prosperity's Fortune/Ring of Clenched Muscle. 

The KWF/troubadour is best played as a melee tank/support (Exalted Endurance + Ancient Memory + Aefyllath.../Old Siec...) and my optimal equipment for that would be: Magnera's Chain, Lethandria's Devotion, Sasha's Singing Scimitar, Blackened Plate Helm/Champion's Helm, Charm of Bones, Hylea's Talons, Chameleon's Touch, Ring of Minor Protection, Cloak of Greater Deflection, Boots of the Stone, Belt of Magran's Chosen. If you want to stand in the back you can replace your items with Dragon's Dowry + Ring of the Marksman + Ring of Focused Flame + Acina's Tricorn and use Sure-Handed Ila chant for steady ranged dps.

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