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New combat moves

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Hi, this has probably already suggested before but personally I would like to see an introduction to rolling/dodging into the game. I feel like when attacking creatures the old 'hit and block/perfect block 'method kinda gets a bit boring and easy after a while so I think to lighten up combat a little more by adding moves to dodge incoming attacks would make fighting more interesting. I think it shouldn't be too op and should drain stamina quite a bit when either rolling/dodging out of the way and maybe if you do something called a 'perfect roll' the creature could get staggered for a few seconds, what you think?

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I say a perfect strike. Like when a spider lunges at you. You hit the impact point ending in an impale(spear/sword) or collapsed(hammer/club). These kills would result in more components than normal as the body is more pristine.

Maybe allow where an enemy gets a parried debuff and if they have so many (amount of bars of health) the perfect strike is an instakill like you sever the ganglia it could be useful for elite blockers or encourage learning the blocks

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