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Mod Release: 7B2's Deadfire Tweaks and Additions

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Released a new mod. It's WIP right now and writing could use a bit of polish, but right now it adds 2 new romance options (Aenalys and Ydwin) and makes some tweaks to many of the endings which make them more satisfying (in my opinion). It's all silent of course so if you need voice acting, this is probably not for you.

Even if you just want to look my writing and offer some constructive feedback on how to better word a line or whatever, I don't mind.

Mod can be found here:


Hope someone enjoys it!

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Thanks for doing this.  I'll be interested to see what you did with the ending, which I liked but definitely felt rushed on the 1st playthrough.  Isn't it hard editing all those text strings?  How do you keep track of them?  You can't add new strings with skill/attribute checks, can you?  I'd be worried it breaks linkages to the game but maybe it can be done?

One of the rare things I enjoy about Pillars 2 is how it's about the struggle of the old gods versus the new.  The quarreling petty pantheon is revolutionized by the humble gracious savior of the people.  It seems to me to contain a direct analogy of Greco-Roman religion vs Christianity, and polytheism vs monotheism, with slightly different dynamics of punishment+order vs forgiveness+chaos.  What do you think about the ending and what do you want to emphasize more?  What messages do you want people to take away from it?

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