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An Idea to consider

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I been thinking of ideas but msy have a long list hopefully nothing too much.. maybe could add like 1. vehicles to the game that would help us gather resources & move around the map easily.. like a building a little truck but can only be built mid way or something of the game.. as I have read other ideas I do believe gaining 2. mounts would be nice.. such as flying on Bee, riding on spiders.. the ideas are plenty.. I do as however to consider giving the option to make 3. dedicated servers so we don't have to be on the game for somebody to continue playing in that game.. if possible could make it where if we could create 4. Self Revive kits we could revive ourselves if we ever go down considering if we too far from our friends.. I always wanted to experience 5. underwater vehicle that might be something that might be fun.. as for insects I think we should have 6. caterpillars, centipede, preying Mantis, butterflies, wasp, bumblebee, honey-bee, crickets, grasshoppers, the lovebugs or whatever they called they come around in the summer time in florida.. they black & have a orange dot like on the top.. also would like to consider as we discover new things to make.. maybe add buildings we can build like 7. Laser turrets, 8. power generators, since we know we have tech of that sort in the game already I figured we could have a powered base.. I always wanted to experience where we could create 9. Mini Shield Generators to help protect our bases.. perhaps make it where the insects attacks our bases like a raid or something to give us something to fight but we would need to have base Defenses & base Offenses ..thanks.. I know its a long feedback but I do have alot more ideas but don't want to overload yall..

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