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An offer to developers to improve the game.

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Хотелось бы что бы можно было выкапывать не нужные растения для улучшения ландшафта  возле баз, домов и  возможность сажать саженцы не больших деревьев для декорации. по типу Японских живых бонсай деревьев. К примеру, по типу Игрового Дуба и кустарников с ягодами но мини версии. И еще возможность при строительстве некоторых объектов  растягивать или увеличивать в размере по типу конусов для крыши башен, они слишком узкие, маленькие , и нет пики в верх. Разработчикам Спасибо за такую игру .Игра действительно очень хорошая и точно стоит своих денег.

I would like to be able to dig up unnecessary plants to improve the landscape near bases, houses and the opportunity to plant seedlings of small trees for decoration. according to the type of Japanese live bonsai trees. For example, according to the type of Game Oak and shrubs with berries, but mini versions. And it is also possible to stretch or increase in size during the construction of some objects according to the type of cones for the roof of towers, they are too narrow, small, and there are no peaks to the top. Thank you to the developers for such a game .The game is really very good and definitely worth the money.




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While cute min trees ould be bigger than most grass in the game. I like the idea but alot of people forget the scale of the characters. Maybe grow mushroom types like the chanterelle looking types in underwater caves or ink caps found at the shed. Also there are differing types of  moss that could be cultivated for mini trees.

Consider you are smaller than a ladybug and look at a small bonsai. Your character would have to climb the tree and make zips to prune it.

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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