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Yeah bloodbugs chased me half way across the Commonwealth!

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Only the dreaded "Clover-Whiplash-of-Doom" is worse.  But not by much. Given these blood sucking drones are relentless and will chase you across the universe (small or otherwise), they are also located in the worse possible areas.  Need a zip-line over their territory? Not a chance. Want a house on a lily pad? Not here.....three blood hunters circling nearby.

Ah.....just finished my twelve story watchtower and....."Oh, no! That sound could only mean...Lady Bug preserve us! Where did you come from?"  (Hidden in the bushes and preparing an ambush...no doubt) AFTER the build was completed! (Sigh)

And don't let me get started with the re-spawn rate. "How many reincarnations does this make today? Two? Three?" I've lost count. Looking up at my tower, I'm wondering if it's worth rebuilding elsewhere. Yeah.....like I have a choice. Where's the 'x' key.....better just get this over with.  Having so much fun..... 🙃

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I hate the mosquitoes. They are simply not fun at this point. Can we add citronella or something to act as a deterrent for ourselves our bases? Harvest the plant from the house porch pot maybe and use the grinder to make a paste? Create candles for the base? I don’t mind mosquitoes starting off as craptastic if I can eventually lower/negate the annoyance level. I like working towards things. If we can’t add in something like that they at least need to give up chasing you sooner. 

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