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I just started this build and judging by its performance in the prologue (POTD Upscaled) it's freaking awesome.

For the fighter subclass I chose Black Jacket, and for the chanter subclass I chose troubadour.

Chanters are probably one of the best casters in turn-based mode since there's almost no casting time and in level 1 you can get a powerful Stun AOE, which makes enemies skip their turn. With troubadour you pretty much get two chants per turn and two invocations at the end of each turn.

With the Black Jacket I get extra weapon slot and the ability to switch to a defensive setup when necessary for free. All enemies are weak to at least one damage type, so that makes this build very versatile.

I just started but would like to hear some suggestions on how I can refine this build. Which items / weapons, potions, chants. 

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I didn't try it in Turn Based Mode, but in RTwP mode you can use a Black Jacket with items like Lethandria's Devotion (in weapon set 1) + Outworn Buckler (weapon set 2) to heal up and remove all hostile effects from you and the whole party without any recovery - by simply switching between the two weapon sets multiple times. Each time the passive aura effects get triggered anew. And the Outworn Buckler effect is multiplicative when "stacked" that way. 

I guess Killers Frozen Stiff (paralyze) will be better than the Thunder Rolled (stun) because its AoE is much bigger - but the duration is comparable. It doesn't deal damage but it's a lot easier to reach multiple opponents, especially with the spell shaping passive. Of course you'll have to get there first.




Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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ooo, i'm guessing the turn-based rounding is extremely favorable for the stun invocation, since it'll always get rounded up to a single round even on a graze, whereas in rtwp it's a pretty short duration (same thing with the paralyze invocation) relatively speaking.

my recommendation would mostly be to get fighter talents that complement your chanter -> tactical barrage for extra intellect and +1 PL for your invocations, conqueror stance for +10 acc for your invocations.

also given how brisk recitation works, if you pick up the various resistance chants (seven men hit the deck, one dozen, fampyr's gaze), you can make a song that alternates between two of them and they'll both apply in a single round, which makes you really hardy against enemy debuffs, which seems pretty unique to how TB mode implements it.

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