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Mounts would be really cool

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Love the game been playing since first release.  I would love to see mounts added in game. I want to put a little saddle on a bee and ride it around.  Or maybe a dog sled with ants. Also if you added earthworms or catapillars I could ride around like the Maud al Dib of the back yard, which would be rad. Grasshoppers or butterflies or dragonflies would also be most excellent.  Love the game! Feel just like a kid on Christmas every time you update.  There are so many exciting insects out there to explore, and I am super excited to see what you guys do.  Keep up the awesome work

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Mounts would be... problematic. The ground cover is so thick in a huge chunk of the areas that I occasionally get stuck on scenery. A mount, which would arguably have to be wider than the player, would get stuck so often it wouldn't be worth it. Now, if the mounts could fly that'd be a different story but it would be kinda OP in my opinion.

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Mounts would be an awesome addition, provided they are not constantly becoming stuck as Wendy pointed out. 


Flying mounts, I believe would be an overpowered situation. Now, if there were a type of quick transportation, such as riding butterflies from Point A to Point B, this is something I'd like added. 

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