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  1. Every other game I've played of this type allows chests to be mounted on walls... except yours. It's really annoying to have to create shelving units for multiple chests when it could be soooooo much simpler.
  2. You need to give us the ability to turn off jumping. For players who have lvl 3 gear like me, it's not as much of an issue but for low level players? When I was low level a huge component of how I was able to escape attacks was getting someplace high. Now that almost never works anymore. It's going to be a game breaker for a lot of players. And certain bug jumping makes now sense. The common yard ants you have in this game do not jump IRL.
  3. Seriously. It's ridiculous. I have a full mushroom wall, no gaps, and I still have ants every few minutes.
  4. When I attach a zipline I think all the grass directly in its path should despawn and not be able to grow back. This would make it so we don't have to build such ridiculously high, FPS-killing towers, to use the ziplines effectively. I would also like it if the grass wouldn't grow back under player structures. It's extremely annoying having to re-clear the grass from my skybridges. At the very least, you could make it so grass takes a few days to grow back so it's not such a chore.
  5. Mounts would be... problematic. The ground cover is so thick in a huge chunk of the areas that I occasionally get stuck on scenery. A mount, which would arguably have to be wider than the player, would get stuck so often it wouldn't be worth it. Now, if the mounts could fly that'd be a different story but it would be kinda OP in my opinion.
  6. What I want to see is the grass automatically removed along the path of a zipline. Currently you have to build cross map ziplines insanely high in order to not get knocked off during your trip. It's extremely annoying.
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