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i created a druid and my question is how many spells can i cast before i have to rest.

Can stats affect how many times i can cast. 

I ask because in my other playthrough i had Hiravias in my group and he could cast spells for maybe 3 encounters and he would need sleep.

with my new druid i can only cast 1-2 spells then nothing. 

Does inteligence factor in i think Hiravias inteligence is very high like 18. my druid isnt. is that why.

on the second level of the church in Gilded vale i fully figured i would have spells at ready for fighting the ghosts. but she couldnt cast she was fully rested

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You will be able to cast up to 4 spells per spell tier per rest. If you unlock a new spell tier you start with fewer spells than 4, but as you level up further that will increase. 

So naturally the more levels and tehrefore spell tiers you gain the more spells you can cast per rest.

At low levels casters are at a bit of a disadvsantage because they will have few spell tiers and also not full 4 spell uses per tier yet. But if you are patient caster turn into the most powerful classes after leveling up several times. 

At higher levels you can choose some low level spells for "spell mastery" which you than can cast 1/encounter (on top of he per-rest uses). So those will refresh their uses after every fight.

Intelligence only determines effect durations and Area of Effect size (and influences the Will defense). It ha nothing to do with your spell uses. Hiravias has the same amount of spell uses a any other caster (Wizard, Druid or Priest). Maybe you remember him from times where he was of higher level than you are at the moment. 

You should regain your spell uses after resting. If not then something is wrong.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I know there's not the right space here, but I would like you to help me with a build that I'm thinking of using in Pillars of eternity 1 (I created an account just to ask you)

I would like to know if this build here is possible to play without problems or do you need to adapt? (since it was made in 2015)

Thanks in advance. :)

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