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StatusEffect activates when Flanked

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Is it possible to make a Status Effect that activates when the character it's affecting has the Flanked affliction, and deactivates when they're no longer Flanked? I know it's totally possible to do this using Abilities (i.e. Tactical Dilemma), but can't find the method for this to work with only the Status Effect code.

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Only thing I can think of is adding the Flanked keyword to the AttackTargetFilter, but this would only work if the StatusEffectType is something like Deflection or EnemyDamageMultiplier where the effect owner would be the attack target.

    "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
    "AttackTargetFilter": {
        "KeywordsIDs": [
        "KeywordLogic": "Or",
        "Race": "None",
        "IsKith": "false",
        "HealthPercentage": 0,
        "HealthOperator": "EqualTo",
        "Distance": 0,
        "DistanceOperator": "EqualTo",
        "HasDOT": "false",
        "IsMarked": "false",
        "TargetHostility": "Default"


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Wait, that works? I didn't realize that AttackTarget could include the status owner as a target, but rather that it would only function as a filter for the status owner's attacks.

In any case, what I'm trying to do is to create a status that causes its owner to have -5 All Defenses when Flanked. Will give this implementation a shot when I get the time, thanks!

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