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What pieces of equipment do you associate most with each companion?

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I've been playing around with gear loadouts for the companions to try out all the weird and wonderful things we pick up on our travels and to try out new playstyles. However, I often find myself gravitating towards certain bits or types of gear for each companion.

For example, I'm trying out running Pallegina as a dual-wielding Herald but I think she looks way cooler swinging around a greatsword (and it suits her better, imo). I have a hard time separating Xoti from her starting sickle and lantern, even though I want to see the havoc she can wreak once I get my hands on the Twin Eels greatsword that heals allies on kill and scales with religion. Maia is an absolute beast with The Red Hand, it seems almost silly to give her something else (though I do want to pick up Dragon's Dowry when I can afford it and give that a whirl). Even with my MC, I think dual-wielding is heaps more fun and suits the character better than using a two-hander, even if it's 'less optimal'. 

I was curious if you guys also had any bits of gear that you associate really strongly with associate with certain characters!

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Edér nearly always uses Cadhu Scalth + Kapana Taga in my runs with official companions. Raising Metaphysics with Edér feels odd, but the shield is so good for his swashbuckling health that I decided that Aloth just rubbed off on him. ;) 


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