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I had a not very good situation, I was playing the game in single player mode, and saved it. Then I created a joint one and my things that I created disappeared in my inventory.

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Okay, well, let's miss this fact, it's a network. But then when I started downloading the saved game where I was alone, I also didn't have anything, just all the things that I created disappeared. all weapons are armor and so on. Of course I understand that the game is under development. but it's just a shame that it happened that way. I've wasted a lot of time. Just explain why this happened. I don't require anything special, just know that there is such a problem, and this problem can upset many people... And yes, initially I thought it booted up because I logged into the Xbox account (before that I played without logging in there) well, I got out of there, but nothing has changed, unless of course it can be fixed somehow, I will be very happy!


thank you for your attention, I hope you pay attention to this!!

And yes, sorry for my crooked English, I write through a translator (I upload a save on February 22, but it loads completely different)

my mail: abramova.saida@gmail.com


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Sorry to hear that man! I had a similar issue, lost 2/3 of the Rotten Bee Armor on my end, plus the Rotten Larva Blade! I'm hoping when the full game is released, those items can at least be restored, but I doubt it.


Hopefully you just lost regular items that can be replaced and nothing unique?!

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