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Thanks ,how could rouge defeat Turisulfus  dragon?

My character defeated all the other dragons except these two dragons.

On youtube, I saw some videos who use  paladin or mages to achieve 160 + in all defense attributes . How did they achieve it?

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With buffs, talents, gear and stats. I dodnt see videos you are mentioning but Paladin have innately higher defences then any other character dew to their zeal and wizard have hardened Veil talent for ton of deflection for a short period. Both things rogue lacks.

In case of rogue I think you best bet might be trying to kite them out with arquebus and gunner+shot on the run with fast runner. Also be sure to have enough potions and scrolls. Pitifully you won't be able to shadowing beyond out of this fight after killing one of them

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Rogues have high accuracy. Use Munacra Arret, Spirit Spiral and Ring of Changing Heart to charm/dominate one of the dragons (the other one is immune). This makes the fight a lot more easy already. Before that you can loot Acuan Giamas (Morning Star) from the sunken ruins. It has an enchatment that lets you steal spells from any per-rest caster (wizard, druid or priest). Those spells - as long as the steal lasts - can be cast as often as you like. Since Rogues have high accuracy this can be very useful. It also has the wounding enchantment which is one of the best damaging enchantments there is so it's even nice as a weapon itself. 

Also scrolls can be very good. Note that Deathblows work with direct damage spells (Sneak Attack doesn't) - so you can use scrolls like Maelstrom to kill enemies quickly if they already have two afflictions (+100% damage).

You can retreat with the help of Shadowing Beyond after you downed an enemy to prepare for the next round. Comba will not stop but it may buy you time to refresh buffs etc.
Make use of potion of Infuse of Vital Essence of course - but I guess you knew that. 

Imo charming the one dragon is half the battle. I killed them + Llengrath that way several times and it makes the fight noticably easier if you can flip one dragon for some time. 

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Obviously you can't tank them with a rogue. However I remember there was a video of a monk who soloed the encounter mostly using shoot and run tactics, it should help you. The right resting bonuses, food, scrolls are required to succeed. The bog is pretty big and you have plenty of space to run around. The dragons have only AoE spells which are easy to dodge with high running speed, however single target spells from casters are harder to avoid (especially Llengrath) and you have to make sure to kill them first (with a little help from the dragons).

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