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Hello here is a list of improvements that can be made to the game following the Into the Woods update, including creature suggestions.

Ive played nothing but this game since the new update, originally playing the first version for a couple of days.

Quality of life:

1. building complex bases for a solo player takes weeks, i would ask that grass/weed regrowth should be increased in order to assist those who make bases in areas of dry grass/few weeds & grass.

2. Ability to upgrade armor and tools, the milk molar upgrade for torches helps but slime lanterns in water should be upgraded as well to that upgrade 

3. Cactus needes should be able to be used as a thistle alternative.  

4. Mega Milk molar to upgrade inventory space

5. Item hold amounts for milk molars increased per level.

6. Vertical climbing for aracnids. 

7. Webs a 4 chop instead of 3. 

8. All insects effected by cordyceps

9. Spiderling damage increase

10. Reduce hostility on ladybird larvae

11. Once teir 3 is unlocked,  increase health of all insects to keep them balanced in relative to new ones termite compared to red ants.

12. Mite damage increase, dust mite dust attack dmg increase.

13. More acorn spawns. 

14. Increase food bit given on harvest, or concurrent mutation. 

Suggestions (creatures):

1.praying mantis 

2.spider ants

3. butterfly 

4. Moth

5. Dragonfly

6. Water strider

7. Frog/toad(boss)

8. hummingbird(boss)

9. Silverfish

10. DADDY LONG LEGS(harvestmen)

11. Grasshoppers/crickets

12. kadydids

13. ****roaches

14. Flea

15. Flies/horseflies

16. Scorpion 


18. Walking sticks

19. Centipede

20. Venus fly trap/carniverous plants


Suggestions (tools/crafting):

1.Boyant base foundation

2. Small one person raft(navigate water faster)

3. Grapple Rod(fishing rod reel that can added to a crossbow to pull yourself to places or high areas without having to parkour or climb[ravine]) cna use thistle or bug leg as grapple and durability measures by incentory weight.

4. Flash bang- stun insects with bioluminessant powder, pebbets, ect.

5. Unarmed attacks, claws ect

6. Climbing tools with use of bug legs

7. Dodge (mutation)

8. Tame pets capable of combat and faster travel.(ants, ladybug, bees larvae)


10. Parry mechanic 

11. Pail to carry cosmetic water and sand. 

12. A way to color walls, floors and lamps.

13. Traps with explosive, posion or gas effects

14. Stack cooked food items

15. Balista for home defense.


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