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Need to be updated. As it is we only have dandelions. Blow are suggestions

Naturals: found in game

1. Maple seeds- these are the helicopter seeds. While the player spins it doesn't affect camera movement.

2. Drink umbrella- harvested from the sandbox.

3. Cat tail - gained from pond



1. Parashoot- using fibers, silk and petals. 

2. Ladybird glider

3. Beetle glider

4.  Butterfly/moth glider

5. Cape- works on principle of a squirrel's tale at players size

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If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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Hang gliders can definitely be a step up from the current ziplines, ziplines force you to go from A to B and are expensive to setup, a hang glider would use up durability. Just like ziplines, the hang gliders would have a constant rate of descent that changes with the quality of the glider.

lvl 1 -> Dandelion fluff, usefull for breaking a big fall
lvl 2 -> The drink umbrella, character dangles, transported mainly by wind currents, a bit like Mary Poppins, it is somewhat controllable.

lvl 3 -> Butterfly wing hang glider that allows you to travel a lot of distance and is controllable

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