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I would like to receive assignments for conducting experiments in laboratories. Deliver various ingredients there, load them into machines and monitor the progress of work for several days. My intervention is necessary to fix problems, repair equipment and add new ingredients. To make the course of the study visually noticeable.

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Main Quest lines: Continue the investigation of the storyline. (I miss following all the clues and discovering what really happened to the kids.) Find a cure for the infected critters and stop the spread of the infection. Fix B.U.R.G.L's  lab and seal off the breach into the oak tree. Cleaning out the labs and reset the lasers. Restoring the Kids to their normal size. (Final quest.) No hurry.....we love the game and want it to continue for a long, long adventure.....but, eventually, the story needs to lead somewhere. 

Daily Quest: Allow the quests to level up with the player....more variety, new crafting materials, inventions and more exploration.  Just a few suggestions. :) 

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