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I find AI scripts to be super daunting. The options and combinations seem endless! I'm not a huge fan of micromanaging each and every party member so I'd like to automate the process a bit. I've done some reading and fiddling around with the scripts but I'm not grasping it fully yet. 

Eder, Maia, Tekehu, and Xoti are following Lost Sinner's guides on Steam which (thankfully) come with AI scripts. Pallegina and Aloth are following Ascaloth's Tuono e Fulmine and The Weyc Engferthrespectfully. Serafen is kind of a mess, he's a straight barbarian that shoots stuff. Probably don't need to get super in depth with him.

How can I tease out AI scripts based on the (admittedly, very detailed) builds for Pallegina and Aloth? For example, Pallegina's build suggests that she start combat by firing two blunderbusses and casting some spells/chants before heading into melee. I can't seem to find an option that will let me essentially input something like combat start > weapon set 2 w/ blunderbuss modal > spells/chant/paladin ability > weapon set 1 > melee. 

I'd be very grateful if anyone could give me some pointers on how to build an AI script for Pallegina and Aloth, either in general or specific to what's written in the guides.



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Maybe something like this if part of the abilities to be used are paladins abilities:

First is weapon set with no enemies in melee range and paladin resource pool max, followed by modal

Then your planned spells/abilities

Finally 2nd weapon set for melee with resource pool below a certain number that your planned abilities would take you to (even 1 less than your max would be ok), and I'd advise for one more as well with enemies in melee range as well

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Don't script casters in general, unless it's for basic self-buffs like Infuse with Vital Essence. In fact, turn off autoattacks as well. If they don't have anything particularly good to do, let them stand idle so that they can be ready for a spell when you need it. For martial classes you just want to make sure that their self-buffs are continually maintained, check how the default Fighter AI maintains the perception inspiration: a cooldown, and use only when there is no perception inspiration. Outside of that you can just have them use their attacks every X seconds, targeting the enemy with the lowest deflection that is in range or whatever.

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