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30 minutes ago, Lovecraft1986 said:

When the build gets access to Wotw, i liked to wield Sungrazer (for aoe burn on crit kill) and Kapana Taga or Squids Grasp for sturdiness.

I also used Grave Calling against vessels and stalking cloak for stuns with WOTW but the game gets so easy at that point that any weapon would work. Stalking cloak is mandatory for ooze megaboss imo.

@Kaylonhow do you get hand mortar in solo game ? Serafen just disapeared and was only talkable on the boat with solo mode on.

The weapons you mention don't allow to refill your wounds during WotW. With the right items you can stay invisible even between WotW and usually you just have to use Resonant Touch on the last enemy standing (while still invisible).  The Stalking Cloak is of course a major piece of the ultimate SC monk build.

You kill Serafen on the boat. (Or wait until he dies during a ship boarding)

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