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Stationary defenses

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I'm loving the game, but I feel like the base defenses are lacking just a little. How about adding static defenses that players would have to operate manually such as a balista that fires spears or catapult/trebuchet that uses peblets. Maybe even have different tiers based on progression. For balance reasons they should have a build limit or something, maybe even require certain other walls/floors around them.

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I'm not gonna lie those would be overkill to the extreme with the current mobs. Once you unlock ladybug armor and the brood mother club no mob has much of a chance no matter your skill level. Now if they introduced enemies you had to drive off like Fifi the Pummelranian or a Wren/chickadee that will go to your bases and try to steal nesting materials

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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