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Yesterday I browsed a post by someone who was talking about Clear Out, and how it's AoE triggers attacks for AoE weapons like Whispers of the Endless Path.

I can't find the post again here for the life of me.  I don't see it in my google history.  But I swear I read it!  I want to visit it again, to understand how clear out works.  It was a great post, too, with illustrations and everything.

My question is, does this behavior apply to mule kick as well?  I'm on the road and won't be able to do any testing for a few days.


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I think I know what you are referring to: @Boeroer made some visual aids and then @thelee used them in his guide here at the bottom of the page... and the exact same info is also somewhere on this forum and I also can't find this entry for the life of me :).

And no, it doesn't apply to Mule Kick. Only Clear Out and its upgrades.

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yeah, clear out is special because it has an AoE effect that uses your weapon attack, not because it has a knocking around/physics effect (compared to mule kick's knockup). mule kick is just a single-target ability that uses your weapon attack.


mule kick is still very good though.

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Mule Kick, used with Whispers of the Endless Paths or Citzal's Spirit Lance* will knock up all enemies in the AoE. Which is fun. But there will be no crazy AoE x AoE hit roll fest like with Clear Out (and upgrades). 

Other abilities who work similarly would be Heart of Fury (Barbarian), Whirling Strikes (Ranger) and Whispers of the Wind (Monk). All only accessible for single class characters. Clear Out is the only "intrinsic" AoE weapon ability** that is accessible to multiclasses.

)* with Mule Kick you can only use melee weapons. Clear Out can be tricked into using a one handed ranged weapon if you use a melee weapon in the offhand.

)** meaning that it's an attack which has its own AoE but uses your weapon - which can also have an AoE, leading to those crazy behaviors with dozens to hundreds of attack rolls. 

Edit: maybe the post you were referring to is this:

it was used for @thelee's great game faq guide that was linked above by @Not So Clever Hound.




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I tried to reply to this earlier thanking all of you, but I was on my phone and idk what happened when I clicked "submit".

So here's me, thanking all of you guys.  I wish I'd read through some of the info in this builds forum before I started playing a few weeks ago. Ah well.. Plenty of ideas now for the next playthrough which will be PotD.

I think I'm going to retrain my fighter/monk (I guess the correct term is "Brawler") to have clear out.  Not sure whether I'll drop mule kick for it or perhaps weapon mastery.  Probably mule kick.  Idk if I'd have enough discipline to effectively make use of both.

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