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So one last time the brain wrung out and this dripped out.


Most important: The possibility to turn off the friedly fire.


The plants with the thick leaves between oak and rose bed should become harvestable.


My teammates often expressed the desire to use a large leaf as a boat. An inflatable boat made of beetle rubber would also be conceivable.


A greenhouse as a new biome, where even exotic plants could grow, maybe even dangerous ones?


A garbage can, a bird house, an insect hotel as a dungeon.


More fungi: toxic earth balls near the haze biome, slimy stinkhorns, harvestable tree fungi.


As a great danger at night, a bat.


Sunflowers, hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, butterfly-bushs.



Dear developers I hope you can use anything from the 3 posts.

Otherwise I am curious what the future updates will bring.

Good luck.

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