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Add an "ally"

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This game has you alone unless you have a friend. Why not include an ally in the form of a tarantula hawk.  I say ally but your simply just to shrimpy for it to bother. They would flit around the garden hunting. If you were to hit a spider with "bait" while under it's gaze it would rush in and kill the spider and carry it to a burrow. Of you visit it's active burrow you would be able to go inside and collect the venom and fangs from the spider as long as you are leaving spider chunks for the larva in return.  Killing the larva or getting greedy would start a hunted boss fight. Where it is looking for you and if it sees you base or not it starts a rampage.  This last until death of all active players

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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