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New biome idea, rolly polly, and ant queen.

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So me and my friend have recently been playing a lot of grounded, and we had some fun ideas for the game.

First of all is a new biome, the sandbox. The sandbox could have new resources like sand, or other things that are in sandbox. Not only would there be some new resources, and new bugs would spawn. These would be: Fleas: Similar to soldier ants, and can do a super high jump and bite you. You could use their parts to make some shoes that allow you to jump higher. There could also be a sand wasp nest, with a couple sand wasps, which would be around the same strength level as orb weaver/wolf spiders. You could use parts to make an armor set similar to spider, but the set bonus allows you to fall slowly, similar to a dandelion puff. Final bug idea is a bit of a stretch, but what if antlions also spawned, and could make traps in there to catch bugs and players. (they can live in sandboxes). You can see subtle signs that an antlion is there, and if you throw a bomb you instantly obliterate the antlion.

Ant queen: You would summon the boss by going deep into the colony, until you reach an area with a large of amount of young ants (maybe eggs you can't pick up?) Smashing these eggs/aants would awaken the ant queen, who has similar health to the broodmother. Possible moves are callign hordes of soldiers and workers, quickly overrunning un-prepared adventurers. The queen could also use it's wings to hover above the players, and start moving around, taking jabs at the people. Killing the queen could let you make a tier 3 dagger possibly, and a mutation that makes all ants neutral, and nearby ants will defend you unless you attack them.

Rolly pollies (aka pillbugs): A rolly polly can be found mostly around the oak tree, in damp and shady areas. (maybe have lifted rocks and areas for them to hide?) When attacked, they have similar stats to the ladybug, but slightly less health and defense. The rolly polly could than use 2 attacks, the first just being a basic jab or bite, the other having it curl up and run over the player. Another action would be to curl up in a ball if low on health, increasing defense. (I know the whole offensive thing about these are a stretch, but considering fire flies can shoot acid, I think this could be done). The armor set can be made, and would specialize in spear weapons. You get more damage with them, and you gain the ability to use some stamina (same amount to swing a mint mace), and you can roll forward or backwards, to get into a good position to begin jabbing, You also get a bit less armor than ladybug, but stronger than spider armor. Maybe you could make some sort of upgrade to the mosquito rapier, that is tier 3.

I'm not the greatest planner, so please revise my ideas. Thanks for creating this awesome game, can't wait for full release. 

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Sandbox: yes good idea.

Flea: no sandfleas are different from the fleas your thinking of and picture of what they do to a human is completely gonna break the forums rules (think if the chest buster from always lived in your feet making it look like a lotus pod)

Flea armor: yes while I don't like the mob a higher jumping armor sounds like a great transversal item.

Antlions: missed the mark. Antlions dig pits. If your paying attention it's harmless if a Wolfie is chasing you and you tumble in then it's bad. They should be a beefed up larvae.

Sand wasp. No. Go with regular wasp or guinea wasp.  Those guys should show up in  all biomes. Limiting the location is a miss.

Wasp armor:  no point why make a dandelion armor when the dandelion exist. Wasp should give a venom perk that strengthens venom or an intimidation which makes scrub enemies passive(no more mites knocking your stems out of your hands)

Ant queen: ant queens don't fly. Everything else sounds good

Roll poly: don't hate it but I feel the character should roll up when sprinting or if a special shield is in your off hand while pressing block. If sprint rolling is used you get to move at the crouching height but at sprint speed. If it's to block I recommend that causes you to ball up but you become immobile. This puts you on a disengage mode. Where that after so long the enemies will no longer attack you until they leave the area. The armor is strong but will take massive damage to it's durability depending on enemy.  Wolf spiders can force you out of turtle mode.


But heck over all great ideas especially like the ideas of upgraded fencing sword and ant weapon(needs to be an ax or hammer though)

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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Some spring jack heels. Actually on the sides of the legs lashed using spider silk and bug rubber. Would it have a sparkle version though and what effect.

Hmm maybe for grasshopper body have your idea of a glider adjunct for it so you have a propulsion while gliding kinda like grass hoppers do when they jump.

Dunno about helm though. Maybe a crash helmet

Suit bonus is you automatically restore health and hunger while choping grass

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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Antlions would be a cool natural trap as they make little sand cones of loose sand so things fall to them it would be cool to lead spiders to the pit and watch the lion fight it, as for the ant queen I'd love to see it drop a pheromone or a few places to collect it from the queens room, you could add to arrows to use like a lure but have the ants aggressive towards the target instead on needing to try and kite wolf spiders to the nest early game 

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I like your ideas!
I do think the grain size (0.6 - 2 mm) of sands could be a potential obstacle for implementing, considering that players are ~ 7.6mm (according to fandom wiki). Not having sandboxes where I grew up, I can only guess the sand is on the finer side. If it's 0.6 mm, it would be like a sea of pebblets. But if it's 2mm, it would be like a sea of ant parts.

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