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Game Save Folder Missing On PC (GamePass/XBox) Cannot Import Saves

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So from about 3 months ago, the game save folder located in "C:\Users\"username"\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10" went missing. Even though this happened I was still somehow able to use my game save file with no problems.  Recently however I exported my main save then proceeded to delete all the saves, from clogging up my system, if they were there, and re installed the game hoping it would solve the issue. I created a new folder which was labelled "Grounded Windows 10" hoping that would work, however it did not. When starting the game and clicking load...there is nothing there. So at the moment it is impossible to import game saves. I tried creating a new save file with no internet connection too, this also showed another bug. If you create a game, then save it with no connection there is no way you can reload that save. Even reconnecting to the internet didn't help, and the game created with no internet connection is lost. Is there a location in the PC where it could be? I have done a complete system search with the name of the folder and/or the save, for example "7519152C0..." or "ID-FB48369..." and still nothing so it is a mystery! XD.

On a second note, not sure if this is known or fixable but the key for export 'S' is also the key for showing backup saves. 😛 Hope there is an easy fix for this or I am just being stupid! love the game so far...thanks!!

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I'm having similar issues, I think that the "C:\Users\[Username]\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10" is no longer used by the Windows version of the game since the December 2020 update.

This is a problem when trying to import saves to the Windows Version.

The Steam version still uses 
"C:\Users\[Username]\Saved Games\Grounded" which is a bit odd.

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