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I have some ideas for a grounded update.

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  1. Snails could be added to the game for stronger armor
  2. grasshoppers
  3. squirrels for new nuts in the backyard
  4. A new type of ant called black ants
  5. Bark from the backyard tree for stronger walls
  6. A new glider made out of flower pedals
  7. A new type of tool to get the bark off the tree
  8. Infected ants for the Haze enviroment
  9. A boat to go place to place for the pond
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Love it!

Would be cool if their were black ants that were at war with the red ones. And like when you wore one ants armor you’d aggro the other ants on sight.

There could be like a never ending ant war! Id also like to be able to make new armor by mixing existing armor types. So like, acorn and clover could combine to make a new armor, ant with grub, spider with bee, ladybug with koi.


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I believe it was confirmed that black ants are coming. But I've preached squirrels for awhile. But I think the best creature to add to the next update. Is a Rat Boss for the shed. 

If there are rats, then there could one day be a snake. Imagine the armor, weapons and even structure you could build with these things.


With a rat I could see an awesome New Axe. With a squirrel a new Tooth Hammer. And a Snake fang makes a mean sword.


Also some one found "Clover Glider" in the list of hidden resources.  Now a boat or canoe would be awesome! I feel a canoe would be much more logical with Pete's scout training.


Bark would be awesome! Lots of uses!

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