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  1. I’ve been thinking similarly! What if science could be used to buy a perk tier/perk point, and each character could invest perk points in a system similar to that of the Outer Worlds. Nothing crazy, but enough that you could specialize your character in a way that assists your style of play!
  2. I think a lot of good points are made—weather like early morning fog, rain and it’s consequences should be added. If a character dies at the very least ants would totally dig around and take some things if it took too long to recover the backpack. While I personally like the fuzzy house and surroundings in the distance(my character’s eye strength is proportionate to their size) I understand how that could mess with other people’s eyes and there should be a feature to unblur them. Armor shouldn’t remain in backpack when equipped. But I don’t think we should assume this is supposed to be a har
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