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Stat Change Suggestion for Poe1/2 or future installments

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I'd prefer to go with damage reduction instead of healing received, because:

- It's a better all around stat, also helps if a class can't heal or cannot be healed (CON affliction). It can also be considered as a healing received multiplier. Even with 2% per point usually it will mean a bigger increase in heals, than the additive 3% healing received per CON.

- Every point you invest in it gives increasing returns, similar to how other defenses work.

- Altough stronger than healing received it cannot be cheesed (at least so far I cannot think of cheese tactics), while with healing received I've a cheese build already in mind, e.g. a nature godlike tactician/blood mage can easily reach 100%+ damage taken converted to healing with unbending trunk, which can be maintained indefinitely... still not as broken as the original bugged(?) unbending trunk, but getting close to it.

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On 7/16/2021 at 6:34 PM, Noqn said:

Oh I like the idea of adding healing received modifier to Con!

StatusEffects annoyingly can't have dynamic values based on Attribute values, only Skill values and a few more stats. Though it would be possible to add a StatusEffect with one child effect for each Con value in the 3-35 range with corresponding healing multipliers and conditionals.

The StatusEffect could be assigned to an Ability that's only visible in the character sheet, and that Ability appended to all CharacterProgressionTableGameData(?)

I found a similar conclusion, but a bit too tedious for my own modding taste. Let me know in case you want to do something, I know you're quite capable in such situation.

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