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Crow Feather spawn Problem

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i have a huge Problem, before the Update shroom and doom was out my entire Map was FULL of Crow Feathers. (My plan was to farm them with the update for the New Buildings)

Now comes a real bad thing. NO Crow Feathers are on the World (with the update they all despawned)

I was waiting for ... Too long days now ... I have builded a full Castle and also killed the new Broodmother Boss ... And u know what? Right. NOT ONLY ONE Crow Feather was spawned. I'm ingame at over 300 Days, before Update was there Crow Feathers where spawning everywhere in masses! Now Crow Feathers are not spawning anymore. Its the 5th Day now Real Life, ingame idk should be 40+ days since the Update.


Someone else have this problem too?? Its super bad and makes me mad! I stopped playing it because its just stupid when u cant get a Ressource because its not spawning. 

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There are A LOT of us having the same problem finding crow feathers.  I have found 2 since the .10 update and even though they give 3-6 feathers each that is still not enough because of all the new feather requirements for crafting with the new update.

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I was lucky at the beginning of the .10 update. I found 4 feathers at the bird bath and got 24 feather pieces in total. But since then i follow the crow everywhere it goes and follow the fly path but havn't found any feathers at all. I've once seen a feather falling. It dropped on the laser and disappeared. 
It is very annoying as it's an important part of building material since the .10 update and it quite impossible to get it :(

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