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10 New Creatures, Items and More

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Hi all, hope you enjoy this list. I'm sure others have requested these but either way, I'm sure to have a unique perspective and spin on these creatures.

1. Snail.

Upon seeing a snail shell today, myself and the group I play with were surprised when we couldn't bash the shell apart... to which we came up with an idea for a snail to be in the game. The idea is simple, snails come in a few places, roam around and leave their goo trails as a way to hunt them. When attacked, they retreat into their shells. Poison and Gas arrows would be an effective method to kill the creatures. Upon death, they can drop Snail Meat which can be roasted or turned to jerky, Snail Antennae, which can be used in crafting as well as breaking their shells, will drop "Snail Shell Fragment" and using the two crafting materials, the Tier IV heavy armor "Snail Mail Armor" can be crafted. Snail Shells around the map would also be breakable for the fragments.


2. Recluse Spider.

These spiders are smaller than Wolf Spiders and Orb Weavers but more deadly. Their brown translucent color allows them to hide bark, or dry grass, so having them spawn around the edges of the Haze or up near the Oak Tree would be a smart idea as well as a few sneaky ones in the Hedge. These spiders should deal more damage than a Wolf Spider but also have slightly less health but more speed to keep them manageable in a fight. Killing a Recluse Spider should grant Tier III medium armor "Spider Garb" for crafting, using Recluse Venom and Recluse Fangs as well as regular Spider Parts as drops.


3. Black Widow Spider.

Yes, I do love my spiders. As an Australian, the Black Widow is the closest thing to the national Red Back spider and due to their close similarities, I'd love to see it. About the same size as a Diving Bell, these super deadly spiders would be the scariest second only to the Broodmother. Black Widows would be located along the Shed when added as well as in and around the Hedge and even under the decking near the Paint can and Swamp. Black Widow spiders should one shot anything less than Tier III Heavy Armor and should be treated as a genuine threat unless players are trying to find one when aptly equipped. Killing a Black Widow would drop "Widow Venom" for a Tier III poison Arrow (Tier II will be covered here) and also will drop "Widow Fang" used in a Tier 4 dagger as well as spider parts.


4. Tarantula Hawk.

A wasp found in North America, they hang around where large spiders like trap doors, bird eaters and other spiders of the Tarantula family can be found. Best spawns for these flying menaces would be around the Oak Tree, Hedge and near the Swamp. While these flying killers wont outright attack players passing by, like Mosquitos or Bombardier Beetles, they will pose equal threat and not only will they try to health drain players but their immense poison will deal some serious damage. Killing one would give "Hawk Poison Gland" and "Tarantula Hawk Parts". The glad is used in Tier II Poison Arrows while the parts are used in Tier III tools and other furniture like couches or tables.


5. Tarantula.

Last spider on the this list... I promise. How could I add a wasp that kills big spiders and not have a worthy opponent? Replacing the Wolf Spider spawn under the Oak Tree, this colossal spider sleeps during the day and roams the night looking for Orb Weavers, Ladybugs and other medium sized bugs to eat. Being harassed by the Hawks is a giveaway to the player that these monster spiders are nearby and while the Tarantula isnt threatened by the player, it will definitely still attack. The Tarantula has the most health of any spider and should be perceived as a mini boss. Another creature in this list will offer parts for "bear traps" that will be usable against these spiders to hold them down. Killing a Tarantula would be no easy feat, such is the height risk offers a high reward; Tarantula Legs, Tarantula Fang, Tarantula Fuzz, Spider Parts and Tarantula Eyes are dropped when the beast is killed allowing for some new crafts; Tarantula Legs can be used for a Tier III sword, while Tarantula Fang will be one of many components in the Tier III Crossbow and Tarantula Fuzz will be used in various building materials as well as a night vision hat with the Eyes.


With that wrapping up the first half, I also wanted to add some items to the game that wont rely on my creatures here and would use parts already in game from Crow Feather to Berry Leather;

Automatic Crossbow, Catapult, Sticky Grendes, Explosive Arrows, Acid Arrows, Glowing Arrows, Glowsticks, Saw, Sickle, Pike, Dart Tube, Throwing Knife/Daggers and Weavil Chitin Armor. 

Hope you liked them, back to the final 5 creatures;


6. Field Mice.

Mice are a general nuisance but esp so for insects. Ant holes get invaded by these furry pests quite often and even Waso nests get raised to mixed results. A few mice scurrying around wouldn't be directly killable by the players, bit perhaps some mechanic to see Tarantulas or the Crow stun these long enough for use to kill them, or perhaps they could do the job for us by players luring mice to their Doom? Mice would drop "Mouse Tail", "Mouse Tooth" and "Mouse Fur" for a Tier IV Light Armor called "Mouse Cloth Armor". On top of this, Mouse Fur could be used in a Spinning Wheel to make Mouse Cotton. Mouse Tooth would be used to make a "Mouse Trap" which would be a bear trap of sorts.


7. Sparrow.

Sparrows are notorious for eating insects from ants to bees to small spiders. Having one or two sitting around, coming down to the ground and pecking around, killing ants ants and other bugs would be handy... but scary as we would be prey to such a bird... Like the Crow, feathers can randomly drop for us to harvest. This time using Tier III Hatchets instead. Also, every now and then a dead Sparrow could be found somewhere which would allow players to harvest feathers right from it while also taking "Sparrow Beak" off of it. Sparrow Feathers would be used to create a wingsuit. Yes, a wingsuit. Perfect for freefalling from the Hedge. The Beak however would be used in the Tier III medium armor, Sparrow Armor and also for Tier IV tools.


8. Dragonfly.

Located at the Pond mostly these flying bugs would be both passive and a threat. Killing one would be no harder than a Mosquito but its rapid speed might catch some off guard. Killing drops; Dargonfly Wings, Dragonfly Parts and Dragonfly Head. Head and Parts will be used in a medium Tier III Armor Set called "Dragon Armor" The wings are used to craft windows.


9. Termite.

Also called White Ants, these pests are invaders of homes. Natural enemies of Ants, Wasps and Spiders they eat their way into everything and spread rapidly. Location would be inside the Abandoned Anthill at the Oak Tree and this tunnel network would be filled with both Soldier Termites and Termites. They are bright white and dirty looking. Basic termites are 3 times larger than Worker Ants. Finding these outside the anthill will be rare bit inside would be a very scary and overwhelming fight. Killing these bugs drops "Termite Parts, Termite Mandibles and Termite Head". Termite Parts are used in some Tier IV tools while Termite Mandibles is used in a Tier III Spear and a Tier IV "mace". Termite Head and Parts will be used to make a Tier IV Termite Armor set.


10. Praying Mantis.

This one was the original of my concepts and ideas and wishes and if any one has to make its it's this one. Many other creatures almost made the list like Assassin Bugs, Wheel Bugs, Caterpillars and Moths, Butterfiles and even ****roaches... but the Praying Mantis will see the end of this list. Praying Mantis are super fast, super strong and would be a glorified boss fight in game. Would be located in the sense grass areas and would move around a little but generally lay and wait near the grass. Their bright green color would make them hard to spot and for the poor souls that do, they should be Ill prepared... Praying Mantis should one shot anything wearing less than Tier III heavy armor and should be considered an absolute threat to even the most well equipped survivors. Drops from this would be; "Mantis Leg", "Mantis Venom", "Mantis Mandibles" and "Mantis Chitin" as well as "Mantis Parts". Mantis Parts would be used in the creation of all "Mantis" gear. Leg, Mandible and Chitin would be used to create the Tier V Medium Armor; "Mantis Plate Armor" and the Mantis Venom would be used to create Tier IV "Mantis Dagger" and "Poison Grenade".


All creatures would have "stuffed buildables" using their parts and possibly other things could be added from a person or even developers with more time and love to give. These creatures would make the game feel 10x more scary, fun and and stressful and will surely be a great way to expand the game. Thanks for reading and apologies for any spelling errors etc you may have encountered.

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I'd love to see a mantis or so added as a roaming mini boss and have mantis claws used as a t3 broadsword, would also give a reason to add a perk for swords and there's nothing to really help the mosquito sword atm, the life steal is to low on hard and the damage is almost none existent, it mounts my wall only cause burgle asked me to craft one, a sword designed to hit hard would be cool.

As for lvl 2 poison arrows and things that would be great I love playing a ranger at times running around hitting things with mint/demon gets boring, but with how if you get a vantage point the creatures retreat out of range after a single shot there's no reason to play a ranger in a solo game stronger arrows and better poisons would be so much better.

This game has a long way to go, but I look forward to every step of the way

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Tarantula might be friendly. They keep tiny frogs as roommate to keep bugs from eating their eggs.

Also if you put in a black widow remember they aren't deadly really for humans. However it can cause You to think your dying as you got about 3 days of heck as it makes you sweat and have heart attack symptoms. (Still go to the Dr if you get bitten) so instead of the poison like wolf spiders have it play to the pain. Your character will have a 48hr debuff that halves your stamina meter and inflicts a half heal effect where healing item effectiveness is reduced. Without an antivenin it would make this an avoid encounter especially if death doesn't dispel the debuff.


Brown recluse UGG it hits humans with a rot.  Don't think of ailment to inflict because I don't think you wanna see kids looking like walking dead cast.

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If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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