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About Fig rewards and the pre-order items

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How to get these items in other ways in the future?

I want to buy it on Steam now,but I hope to get all the items.

So I hesitated.

I hope there are people who are just as upset as I am, who can discuss it with me. And do The Obsidian have such ideas in the future?

Thanks very much.


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Which items are the ones you want? Some special in-game items (for example those of the pre-release Scavenger Hunt) can get unlocked with the help of the in-game console (without marking your game as cheated). 

I backed the game on fig.co and used the provided steam key to receive my game via steam. I got several backer stuff but nothing game changing. Fig itself didn't provide any game version. It was only the crowdfunding platform. 

Besides that: do I understand that correctly? You didn't crowdfund the game on fig.co - and are now upset that you won't get the rewards that backers (who helped to fund the game) got?


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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