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Picking Up Pets

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Loving the new update as a whole, but something I've noticed is that pets are quite difficult to have following you around, even if it's just leading them towards a pet house. I think it'd be extremely useful to be able to pick up pets, and carry them and drop them wherever you need them to go. Especially if your base is at a higher elevation, as well. Weevils can't navigate stairs that well, and I haven't gotten the chance to get an Aphid yet, so I can't say for certain whether or not their AI is better. 

I've lost two Weevils so far, R.I.P. Rambo I and Rambo II. I'm building an enclosure for Rambo III for the time being, though, to protect him at least a little bit from stuff that wanders near my base and decides to assault him.

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Same. All our bases are over ground level to prevent bugs to enter them. I was looking forward to let some of my pets run around in my bedrooms. Therefore I would love the function to pick them up or moving them.

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Yes......and not just pets. I often have to rescue a stray aphid or weevil stuck beneath stairs/supports etc.  Would be nice to just pick them up and set them down elsewhere before an ant comes along and starts wrecking the place trying to get at them.  Instead, I've had to dismantle and rebuild after setting them free. (I know.....I'm a softie when it comes to cute, chirpy, critters. ) :) 

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