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  1. Same. When I‘m host, it unlocks after 5 Wolf Spiders for me. When I join my bf‘s game at the other hand, I can kill as many as I want and nothing happens. Same happens vice versa to my bf.
  2. Thanks for the tips but we tried both places and still didn‘t find any fireflies
  3. Interessant. Töten schon die ganze Zeit all mögliche Käfer und alle respawnen sie, nur die Glühwürmchen nicht…
  4. Same. All our bases are over ground level to prevent bugs to enter them. I was looking forward to let some of my pets run around in my bedrooms. Therefore I would love the function to pick them up or moving them.
  5. The fireflies are also not spawning in our game. They are nowhere to be found, completely vanished. We still find few crow feathers, but the lack of fireflies makes it impossible to complete Burg.l quests or build those fancy lamps. Please bring back the fireflies soon… (´-`)
  6. I also would love to have new kinds of pets, aswell also new functions for them (riding, combat, bonus effects, etc). But I also would love to be able to move them in their pet houses. This way, we could place them into safer places and into our houses, as they don't actively follow you everywhere (yet). This is something that feels missing in my opinion, because especially an Aphid would be easy to carry around and place into a house. And keep the accessories for them coming! I love that idea!
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