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The most brain-dead party (that isn't 6 Chanters) I have found so far. 2 Chanters, 2 Paladins, 1 Wizard, 1 Priest

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I cleared Od Nua level 1 including Maerwald without resting.

The Paladins are in front, second row with reach weapons are my Chanters, then Durance and behind him is Aloth. level 5 now.

Barely any micro involved in small fights, fights don't last long at all, and big fights are just so save anyway that it doesn't matter anyway

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You can spare 1 chanter, 2 paladins, 1 mage and a priest, a chanter can solo in POTD easily, I did it recently and it is the most fun, I thought it would be boring, but no, the fun was to see how the enemies fell "with the look of my chanter" 😆🤣

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yeah, but soloing is not the fun part in a party-based game to me.

Last game I soloed (2 years ago or something) was SCS-modded BG2 (tactical challenge mod) and it was meh. Knowing all the important exploits in Baldurs Gate, I didn't struggle too hard, but not having my fictional friends with me (Mazzy, Keldorn and Korgan most importantly) was just heartbreaking xD

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