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Going Inside the House is unnecessary in base game

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I’m my honest opinion, creating an interior for the entirety of the house would be way too much. We already have a massive backyard to explore. But while the idea of using mice parts to upgrade yourself and take on a giant cat pickle-Rick style sounds amazing, I will agree that we should receive functionality to the house later on, just not in the base game.

This can be done with:

- A seperate level: So once the main story is completed, chapter 2 will be in the house.

- DLC: The file size will me larger. Much, much larger. For those people that don’t want the size of their game to be doubled or even tripled, the dlc will be an option.

- A sequel: Grounded 2 can start off where Grounded left off, and will be exclusive to gameplay inside the house. 

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I agree, a home is a whole other ballpark! Especially one that is 2 stories with what I can only assume include AT LEAST a single car garage? If anything the front yard would make for a better expansion sequel and then finish with a home DLC.


Because let's be honest the interior of that she'd will be daunting enough. A home that include multiple stairs, rugs, planets, more vicious insects, pets, toys and food RELATIVELY kept in the kitchen, survival would be an ultimate challenge there. Little in the way of raw resources, hiding spots not already occupied, I'd be happier in the front yard where a dog dookie is the scariest mountain to climb.

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