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frontline-Chanter built around invocations instead of just phrases? As in, not dumping dex

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like, more balanced stats instead of Drake Ambassador min-max.

I saw The Gunslinger just now, and thought that maybe a melee chanter that uses both pDragon Thrashed and offensive invocations to deal damage?

I know that casting invocations slows down phrase gain for a bit, but I wonder if that would still be viable from a damage-dealing perspective..?


Stat spread I thought of:

15/8/8/15/18/14 ?

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They are very viable. Seven Nights can just hit the same enemy multiple times if it's big enough. It's obvious if you play solo, because summons are just meat shields for dragon thrashed and seven nights. In party play you can play with different invocations for buffing heal / attributes, but not if you want to solo the game.

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I actually rolled with 2 MIG chanter once. Result was pretty fun - instead of chanting dragon thrashed I was more focused on buffs and debuffs, while shooting out really terrifying disables(I was orlan with 21 perception). You crit on Killer stood still almost every second invoke xD

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