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Where are the Feathers?

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Ah....yes! Crow feathers! Or the lack there of. Once upon a time they were abundant, raining down upon us in glorious, black velvet rain. Alas, we took them for granted. And now, since the last update, they have become the rarest and most elusive of treasures. Oh....they still exist. I've watched. And waited. Ran wherever the crow landed, only to be disappointed, again and again.  Then, after two weeks of game play.....finally!  Found one! Nearly passed it by on the trail because I had all but given up ever finding one. 

You will find them, rarely, at the birdbath. up in the branches, down in the pool or along the ground into the hedge. They also appear along the trail leading to the mint box or the other trail just left of the strange machine. Unless the wind is blowing northward, then may land on the wooded post across from the laser. Haven't found them anywhere else.... though it is rumored that the crow may leave feathers under the picnic table or near it. 

From what I have heard, the crow only drops a feather 25% of the time now. One in four or five landings. They may also have reduce the time it's on the ground as well, but I'm not completely sure about that. Though I have seen a feather fall only to disappear before reaching the ground or touching down on a branch. Just melted away. Sure hope they fix this glitch. Especially since I'm running out of feathered arrows. (I usually loose at least two/three after every combat). And the thorn arrows are just too weak. 

The new update may solve some of the problem by increasing the number of feather bits you harvest from one crow feather.  But that won't help very much if that pesky bird doesn't start doing his job and drop more than one feather  a week or letting it melt away before a player can harvest it.

Hope this information helps. I'm sure Obsidian is mindful of all the glitches and will resolve them eventually.  Good luck. And....Have fun. :) 



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Seriously, I laughed out loud when I saw the new Crow Feather Roof pieces coming in the next update... It would only take a couple of years to gather enough for one roof piece! (Jokes aside, I assume that this means they will be tweaking the spawn rates of the feathers in the next update). 

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I've been noticing the same thing. I blew through a whole chest I had stacked up building my new garden house. Thinking I could just go out and get more... but that was a mistake. I've been playing in the PTS and now live since this update came out and have found 4 feathers 😒

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